Goa Konkani songs-Music from Goa Made in Bombay

Goa Konkani songs-Music from Goa Made in Bombay

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Album Information: Music from Goa, Made in Bombay

Released: April 16, 2009

The ever fascinating Trikont imprint dives deep to bring up some real pearls on this compilation of Goan Konkani songs recorded between the 50’s – 70’s. Konkani music is indigenous to the West Coast of India, from the metropolis of Bombay to the paradisical region of Goa where much of the music originates. What makes Konkani songs so intriguing and worthy of further attention is the fusion of imported modes and instrumentation from Italian mandolins to Mexican trumpets, the sounds of the South Seas and Cuban Son mingling in an intoxicating polystyle brew of elegant beauty. These alien influences can be traced back to the era of colonial rule dating from the 16th century when Portuguese conquistadors imposed their power on the region, turning Goa into a Christian heartland with songs and music to match. This introduction of Western instruments lead to the imposition of Western harmonics and the incorporation of church music phrasing in the plaintive tone, in the use of the minor mode and in the very style of singing in two voices. Moving forward to the 1950’s and these rich musics were made available through recordings from the likes of Alfred Rose, Lorna, Robin Vaz, Mohammed Rafi, Jacinto Vaz, Annette Pinto and many more on Radio, TV and Cinema. We wholeheartedly recommend this as a fascinating insight to the lush and tropical fragrances of Goan light-classical music.(Source:lightintheattic.net)

Songs, Singers, Artits of Konkani Songs-Album: Music from Goa Made in Bombay

SL NoSong TitleSinger ArtistLength
1MunglurkarAlfred Rose03:13
3Sitaram GaddiwallaRobin Vaz , Cecilia Machado & Chorus03:17
4CathrinaHenry D’souza & Helen D’cruz03:04
5Bom Jesuchea ConventanLorna  & Mohammed Rafi04:10
6Combea SadariMohammed Rafi & Chorus02:26
7Sorgar RajeantLorna05:27
8DudhsagarAlfred Rose02:53
9Sobit RupnemAnnette Pinto03:42
10Upkar KoratJacinto Vaz03:09
11Mog Boom Boom BoomBab Peter02:34
12Yo Moga Tu MozoStar Of Arossim, Martha, Mollie & Chorus03:06
13Sundor Tum GoaAmit Kumar03:41
14Goreta Gheun GoriAlfred & Rita Rose03:07
15Mozo Dhir AdarRita Rose02:59
16Noxibac RoddtamLorna03:00
17Calzachem SuckShailendra Singh04:42
18Nach AthancheCarmo Rod04:46
19Bottateanchi BhajiRita Rose02:32
20Pandu LampiaumH. Britton03:19
21Ye Johnny YeAlfred & Rita Rose03:10

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