Top 15 Konkani Love songs ever – Happy Valentine’s Day!

Top Konkani Love songs – Happy Valentines Day


Love is an universal language and people have expressed, express and will express love in different ways but nothing can surpass Love expressed through music.

Love has been, largely, the main theme of Konkani music and Konkani artists relentlessly compose new songs on love and romance.

To commemorate Valentine’s day, which is on Feb 14th, the Konkani Co team, with consultation and advice from Konkani artists, have made a list of most Romantic Konkani Love songs. 

Enjoy and have a  great Valentine’s!!!

What are your favorite Konkani Love songs?? Let us know comment below.

Konkani Love songs list

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Article Name
Top 15 Konkani Love songs - Happy Valentine's day
Top Konkani Love songs.

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Hi Sir,

I am looking for song in konkani ” aaik deva aaik tuja burgyanchi mankuli maagne”
Hopefully you have heard and have some reference

Thank you 🙂

i am looking for vishwas rebimbus song sung “aanv tuzho mog karta tu muzho mog karinay gi..pls help.


Can you please send me some famous konkani songs sung by solo women? Cannot listen to songs here.
Thank you